Looking for Interns

Do you have ambition to work at a venture capital fund? Or do you like working with startups or had your own startup before?

Peak Capital has an internship program for the best candidates to learn the ins and outs of venture capital, start ups, founders, teams, business models, growth hacking, etc. You will work closely with the team of Peak Capital.

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Marketplaces Landscape

“We are an Uber for x” is the most heard phrase listening to pitches. With the rise of marketplaces, we thought it would be handy for founders, corporates and VC’s to have an up to date  landscape overview of the key Dutch marketplaces. High res version is here available. Editable powerpoint version available on request. We would love to get your feedback to improve the quality via twitter #NLMarketplaceMap,  marketplace@peak.capital or below. If we miss startups, will you let us know?

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Earning More, Needing Less – Part 2

I admit, Part 1 was quite theoretical and perhaps too much about me personally – hey, it was you who decided to read it after all, so don’t blame me too much. But I aim to make it up to you now: I believe that true valuable blogs come with easy insights on ‘what to do then’, and do not stop at drunken bar discussions at 3am. So here are ’10 brain tools’ that I continuously use – or try to use – in my life: Continue reading

Earning More, Needing Less – Part 1

I am a big fan of reading blogs of inspiring people; admittedly most are venture capitalists like Tom Tunguz, Fred Destin and Christoph Janz. Having wandered around in this space for a while now, I felt it was my time to also share some thoughts with the world (or at least the few people who actually read this – thanks mom, appreciated).

Most people that know me probably would expect that my first blog ever would talk about data, sales strategies or fundraising for your startup. But all of those are means to an end. So, what then is this end, I asked myself.

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Event Agenda

Peak Capital is frequently visiting events to help the entrepreneurial community and to meet startups. You can meet us there for a short chat without appointment. So stop by the next Office Hour, presentation or competition and drink a coffee/tea/beer with us and discuss your growth, finding developers, founder struggles to funding questions 😉 Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can find us at the following events:

Date Time Event Location
Thursday 29 June 7pm – 10pm Jury @ Demo Day Uva Minor ondernemerschap Impacthub Lineausstraat 2c Amsterdam

Tech Venture Capital Landscape

The latest Tech Venture Capital landscape with all investors active in the Netherlands to help founders to find the right Venture Capital for their startup. Continuously updated by the team of Peak Capital. High res version is available here.  Editable powerpoint version available on request. Updates on the listings or other feedback via twitter #NLTechVCmap,  info@peakcapital.nl or below. Happy hunting;)

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Channable receives an investment of € 750,000 from Peak Capital

Utrecht, December 22nd 2016 – The Dutch investment fund Peak Capital is investing a total of € 750,000 in the feed management startup Channable. This capital will make it possible for the young company to grow even faster in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2017, the activities will be extended to several European countries including France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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Peak Capital invests EUR 850,000 in health start-up OneFit

Growth capital to speed up European roll out

Amsterdam, 22 September 2016 – Dutch venture capital fund Peak Capital and angel investor Roelof Borggreve invest EUR 850,000 in the fast growing start up OneFit. In 2015 OneFit introduced the Unlimited membership for health & fitness in Amsterdam. With this monthly subscription members get unlimited access to participating gyms and studios. Since then, OneFit has expanded to 4 Dutch cities with over 250 participating gyms and studios. Ever since the introduction, over 200,000 workouts have been booked. After the recent takeover of Kurspass, OneFit is also active in Germany. With the additional capital and the hands on support of Peak Capital, OneFit wants to achieve faster growth by opening in more European cities.

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Peak Capital and Vortex Capital Partners invest EUR 0.6 million seed capital in Media Distillery

Amsterdam, June 15, 2016 – The Dutch venture capital funds Peak Capital and Vortex Capital Partners invest six hundred thousand euro in the fast growing Amsterdam-based company Media Distillery. The new CEO of Media Distillery, Roland Sars, also contributed to the investment. The innovative company develops unique technology that analyses audio and video ultra-fast. Among other use cases, Media Distillery can search within radio and television-programs in real-time.

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